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Dumbledore's Army, Harry Potter

Okay...goodness knows no one read this, but here goes. My name is Kab (sort for Kabili) and i read and write Harry Potter fanfiction. I only write stories (- two, which i will explain) that fulffil these requirements:
Harry was born a girl, two girls, two girls and a boy, two girls and two boys, et cetera.

My current stories:
Dumbledore's Army and the Devil's Son: (not so current)
Loosley based on events of the amazing story Dumbledore's Army and the Year of Darkness, this is my oldest story, and my first real HP fanfic. I have basically given up on it because it is, like DAYD, dark and hard to write. I love it though, and the main characters, Ruari, Zowii, and Nessie, are very close to me; they're my babies.
The Two Triplets Who Lived series:
I ADORE Tabitha and Matilda. There's in the only story i have finished even one book of, and i've even started the sequel :D This by far hasthe mot semi-main characters, the main ones being of course Tabitha, Matilda, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Euterpe, Aaric, and Millie.
Trinus Vomica and the Sorcerer's Stone:
This story follows the idea that lots of HP characters were born triplets, due to a certain Mungo's potion. The main characters are Harry, Ivy, and Juni Potter, Hermione, Calliope, and Abcde Granger, and Ron, Chester, and CeCe Weasley.
The Angels Fear to Tread book 1:
Justus and Demetria (Demi for short) are the true children-who-lived, but their twins, Jayden and Sierra are thought to be them. The are spoiled by their parents, Krystal and James Potter (Krystal was formerly Prewett, as she was married to Gideon Prewett, and they had Demi and Seirra) and the rest of the wizarding world. No one even knows that Justus and Demi excist. This is a crossover between Matilda and HP, as Matilda and Lavender (Lavender Brown - good idea, no? :D) are main characters, along with Luna (bumped up a year), Neville, Wayne Hopkins, Su Li, and Kellow Bundy. I'm very excited about this one...but i'm very excited about all my stories :D
Bolt, Sun,  Star, Moon: The Philosopher's Stone:
Harry, Jamie, Lilith, and Alice Potter were abandoned by the Dursleys in East Sussex. They were adopted by Chastity St. Clair (sister of Charity Burbage) and their names were changed to Orion, Griffin, Violet, and Sunn St. Clair. Besides them, the main characters will be Ron, his cousin Rennie, Hermione, and of course Neville, because he's great.

I'm also Co-writing a story with Christina-Tears under the name Acanthi-Brisk.

I'm a crazy, weird, flamboyant nut who curses and writes too much. Pretty much all my friends are located on the internet.
I am on Facebook under the name Kab Bishop, alt. name Kabili Starkid Tonks, Texas. FFn under Kab-OldEnoughToDie, Livejournal under kab-oetd, Deviantart under the same as FFn, Gmail as Kab B. or gummibearninja72@gmail.com, and Twitter (god help me) is KabOETD


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